Elgin Outboards

Sold by Sears & Roebuck 1946-1963

Welcome to the new home of Elgin Outboards on the web! If you are stopping in then you must have an old Elgin or be interested in them. We love Elgins and are happy to share with you whatever information we can to keep them running for at least another 50-60 years.

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The Elgin outboard brand was retailed through Sears & Roebuck from 1946 through the early 1960's. No other Sears brand outboard motors (before or since) had the market share or impact of the Elgin name. Two companies provided outboards to Sears bearing the Elgin name; West Bend and Scott McCulloch.

The lion's share (1946 to 1961) of Elgin's came from the West Bend Aluminum Co. who purchased the old Kissel Car plant. The Kissel folk's made the pre-war Sears Waterwich motors after their automobile business dried up in the depression. In 1959 Sears started transitioning the Elgin name to outboards made by Scott-McCulloch. The little 2hp West Bend motors remained on sale the longest being offered through 1961.

When new, Elgin's were a budget offering retailing for about 20%-25% less than one of the major brands of the same horsepower. Many people got their first taste of boating with an Elgin, Sears sold a tremendous number of them. Today Elgins are one of the most common old outboards around. Though ignored by some outboard enthusiasts, this is a shame because they are truly fine outboards.

Simple, reliable, easy to work on - the same virtues that made them good outboards 50+ years ago make them great old outboards today!

The first Elgin - 1946 1 1/4hp

Many folks got their first taste of boating with an Elgin
(Elgin promo photo circa 1950)

1947 1.25 hp , 2.5 hp and 5.5 hp model
1955 Elgin 5 1/2 hp
1958 Elgin 35hp

If you are looking for Art Dekalb's Elgin website (not affiliated with us) it is at the following link: Elginoutboard.com